As we cruise through the month of January, we will be more spring-like than winter-like.

Looking ahead over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at above temperatures for much of the state.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo is calling for above-average temperatures.

Lake effect snow happens when a cold front moves over warmer weather. With both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario temperatures still above freezing the chance of lake-effect snow is pretty high. When lake-effect snow hits an area it could bring inches if not feet of snow over a short period of time.

The massive snowstorm that impacted Buffalo around Thanksgiving was a band of lake-effect snow that stayed over the Western New York area and brought record amounts of snow.

It looks like parts of the state won't fall below the freezing point until next Thursday. In Buffalo, the temperatures could reach the forties this Thursday before remaining in the upper 30s.

In Syracuse, the same range of weather that will impact Buffalo will affect that area as well. Temps in the 40s are expected this weekend.

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