Someday soon getting a blood test to detect cancer could be part of your yearly physical.


We all know the affects of someone battling cancer or lost their battle to cancer. It is extremely devastating. A new study led by researchers at the Taussig Cancer Institute in Cleveland was able to detect cancer in people just by doing a simple blood test. The idea behind this is to detect cancer in the early stages. Obviously, when you detect it early on, the success rate of beating cancer is greater.

The test was 80-90 percent accurate. They found that the test detects tiny particles of DNA that releases cancer into your blood stream. They can detect such cancers like ovarian cancer up to 90 percent of the time and pancreatic cancer up to 80 percent of the time, just to make a few.

This could mean a serious breakthrough in the medical world. People are calling this a "liquid biopsy." Sounds like "bloodwork" to me. They will be releasing more results today at a conference in Chicago.


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