A Western New York man beat cancer and now is joining with his wife to give back to the community.

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Last Summer David Hubert told News 4 (WIVB-TV) he felt a lump on the side of his neck that he thought was an enlarged gland from a sinus infection. So, he drove to visit his doctor for what he hoped would be a quick, routine visit.

“He said something is different this time so he sent me to get a cat scan,” said Hubert. “I said I could go at the end of the month and he said you’re going now, today.”

David at the time was 57-year-old and healthy, or so he thought.

“He said I have some bad news and I’m thinking what’s the punchline,” said Hubert. “And then he said you have cancer. You’re going to survive but you’re going to go through hell.”

He was diagnosed with throat cancer. But he had no symptoms other than that swollen gland.

His wife Pam said...

“I thought I knew cancer but when it hits home, you live it,” she said, “His cancer was my cancer.”

She was his rock and with Dave’s side every step of the way.

One year, 35 radiation treatments, and two rounds of chemo later Dave is in remission.  He and Pam are appreciating their time together and giving back.

50 pumpkins can be found on the Hubert's lawn, each one with a dedication.

Pam said with the help of numerous volunteers they have also put together a prize package,  worth more than $4,600. Everything going to one winner.

The money raised from their efforts will benefit cancer research and The Angel Fund, a group that helped the Hubert’s get by financially, during their cancer journey.

To donate or purchase a raffle ticket for the prize package, head here.

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