O.k. I thought I had read and heard it all... This tops anything that I could ever imagine!



This happened in Memphis... A guy stole his dates car only to use it for another date. Here's what happened...


The guy doesn't have a vehicle so he had his first date come and pick him up in her Volvo. Faith Pugh picked up her date. When she stopped for gas, Kelton Griffin, Faith's date, asked if she would go into the store to buy him a cigar. She happily obliged.

Well, when Faith went into the store, Kelton stole her vehicle.

Here's where it gets interesting...

Kelton went and drove to pick up his second date in the stolen car. The catch?

Kelton's second date was Faith's Godsister... That's right! Godsister.

Faith obviously called the cops and they were able to track down the car at the drive in movie theater.

Faith's Godsister ended up paying for the tickets to the drive in movie theater too! (This guy is a player!)

The cops busted Kelton at the Drive in Theater and Faith was able to get her car back.

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