2015 was a great year for the United States economy and we are entering the brand new year full steam ahead. With the American dollar reaching new heights and gaining strength, lets look at 7 every day items that will see very low price drops and even record low prices in 2016.

  • Gas Prices

    The cheap price of oil will cause a further drop in gasoline and in diesel. The national average is $2.06 for gas and Buffalo, NY, is right on target with that for the first time in some time. Expect prices by February to drop even more.

  • Homes

    Experts say that this year the prices of homes will plateau by the end of 2016 and begin to rise again by early 2017. The pattern has already proven itself with national federal interest rates beginning to rise, which means the government believes the economy is getting better and it can raise its prices.

  • Exotic Vacations

    The American dollar is up in value again in early 2016. The dollar is up 20% on Canadian money and nearly 12% against Euros, a recent high.

  • Heating Oil

    Again, with oil prices dropping, this is a win for homeowners. Heating oil primarily serves households in the Northeast, nearly up to a third of the homes in that region.

  • Bread

    At the end of 2015 there is a major oversupply of wheat, according to U.S. Agriculture officials. Prices of wheat had to be decreased, resulting in some small savings in bread at the stores.

  • Milk

    Most experts believe that production will slow down in order to sell the surplus of milk that is already available in the beginning of 2016.

  • Pork Products

    Another food item at the grocery store sees a very similar situation of Milk and Bread as seen above. Plus, the lower price of corn to feed hogs as contributed to the lower prices of pork that you see at the supermarkets now.

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