Winter is not over just yet here in Western New York.

Sure we have some sunshine this week, but it has been cold and another storm system is going to bring a couple of inches of snow our way on Friday.

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It won't be a lot of snow, but the timing could be an issue. Some places in Western New York will get up to 6 inches of snow on Friday afternoon through the evening and it could make travel around the 716 more difficult than usual.

So far this year it has been somewhat quiet across the area. While we have gotten over 124 inches of snow in the 716, most of that has come courtesy of three major snow events. We are still well above the average amount of snowfall for winters here in Western New York. The average is around 83 inches, but warm weather in between snow events has led to most of that snow melting so it doesn't look like we have gotten a lot.

Sunshine is back in the forecast for Sunday with a bit of a warm up. The high temperature is expected to be around 41 on Sunday.

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