We are gearing up to find some great deals this weekend at the World's Largest Yard Sale and we are all about saving money!!

Here are 5 tips we found at moneycrashers.com to be an effective extreme couponer!

1. Get in and Get Out!  - Don't spend your time browsing the aisles! Know what you are going to get, get it, and then get out. You have a better chance of not spending extra money when you leave right away.

2. Know the price points of what you are going to buy. Do some research and make sure that "Deal" on an item is really a deal!

3. Use the overage. Basically, most stores won't give you cash back if your coupon is more then the price of an item, but they will give you credit towards something else in your shopping cart. Take full advantage of overages!

4. Stack Coupons - Use both the manufactures and the store's coupon on items. Most times you can save double on an item using both coupons.

5. Visit different stores. Many times local stores will have deals on items at different times. Make sure to browse different stores in your area.

Get more tips HERE

clipping coupons
clipping coupons to save money at the grocery store


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