Every summer I get slightly annoyed that once again I don't get summer vacation. I have to really be a grown-up and save money!  So, I was thinking, how can we as big kids find fun while still being frugal?

  • Credit: fergregory, Thinkstock
    Credit: fergregory, Thinkstock

    Catch Fireflies

    Oh, what a lovely light they make. This activity can be done in a park or out in your backyard and never gets old. There is even an entire festival devoted to them just a couple hours from Buffalo!

  • Credit: partoom, Thinkstock
    Credit: partoom, Thinkstock

    Look to the Skies

    Take a beat to learn the constellations, then casually show off to friends at the next campfire.  Check out this list of great places to stargaze in New York State.

    Don't want to stay up too late? Hit up one of the 15 best places to watch the sunset in Buffalo.

  • Credit: Thinkstock
    Credit: Thinkstock

    Blow BIG Bubbles

  • Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Thinkstock
    Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Thinkstock

    Kiss...A Lot

    Kissing is one of the most lovely things we get to do as humans.  As an added bonus, according to the Daily Mail, it's good for your health!

  • Credit: Bec Parsons, Thinkstock
    Credit: Bec Parsons, Thinkstock

    Sweat it Out With Children's Games

    It might seem childish, but find some people and play Capture the Flag, Red Rover or the best neighborhood game ever, "Kick the Can".  Go for it in these Buffalo City Parks!

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