Rob did a blog talking about the 30 year old man who's parents evicted him. Well, there may be a happy ending here...



A judge ordered the 30 year old man, Michael Rotondo from central New York to leave his parents house. After bribes by his parents, eviction notices, a judge finally ordered it. He has until June 1st to leave. Though this may be devastating to anyone, he really should be taking care of himself. He never did household chores and never contributed to finances. This is sort of insane if you ask me. You need to hold peeps accountable to contribute to the general well being of a household.

Well, reality will sink in on June 1st for him when he starts his new job at Villa Italian Kitchen. They offered him $1101.00 as a sign on bonus. They will train him and set him up with health insurance and a steady paycheck. A tragic beginning for this gentleman as his world turned upside down, but a sweet ending. He will finally enter adulthood.

Welcome to adulting!

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