Spring is here which means the snow is over!  Let's try that again...Spring is here and we have had some nice weather so let's enjoy it before who knows what will happen with the weather!  That's better.

Washington DC's Famed Cherry Blossoms In Bloom
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Springtime in Buffalo can be a blast when the weather cooperates so let's talk about all of the things you need to accomplish on this year's Buffalo Spring Bucket List!

  • Go to the Zoo and see the new baby animals
  • Check out the Cherry Blossoms at the Japenese Gardens outside of the Buffalo History Museum
  • Attend Porch Fest on Elmwood
  • Have brunch on a patio
  • Have Happy Hour on a patio
  • Spend time on a patio!!
  • Take a walk at Canalside
  • Catch a Bison's Game
  • Eat at Food Truck Tuesday at Larkin Square
  • Walk through Elmwood Village
  • See a Sabres playoff game.  Maybe next year...
  • Attend First Friday in May at all of the Allentown art galleries
  • Use the backyard Fire-Pit
  • Check out the World's Largest Yardsale at the Hamburg Fairgrounds
  • Go for a family walk around your neighborhood
  • Get ice cream from a truck or walk to your favorite place


In summation, you can't go wrong if what you're doing involves a patio, or food off a truck, or some old fashioned walking!  Did we miss anything?  Let us know what you would add to our Buffalo Spring Bucket List.  Also, see if you can do all of the stuff we have listed. Spring will be over before you know it so get on it!


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