The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is a new concept that is being launched in Buffalo by some of the major players in Buffalo. The idea is to eventually bring a "unique cultural experience for families, fans and tourists by developing museum space that promotes the cultural history of broadcasting, entertainment, music and sports, and our reach to the nation and beyond from our roots here in Western New York.

The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience celebrates the collaboration of music, broadcasting and sports – an experience, where the visitor comes to create and share their memories and stories inspired by cutting-edge multimedia interactive exhibits and presentations with a touch of Western New York memories. Utilizing a base of family-friendly displays and the story-telling, the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience will bring history to life while providing an opportunity for all to experience their dreams of the past or the future whether on a local, national or global scale.

Included, will be the first Buffalo Fan "Wall of Fame" and Pancho Billa will be the first inductee. It will be see who else will would be considered. Recently, we recapped some of the most iconic Buffalo Bills fans--and you'll probably agree.

Directors of the  BFLO Hall of Fame Experience have started a fundraising site to hire a staff and take the next step? Not-ironically, they are looking for $71,600 dollars with the campaign (or 716....and two 0's).

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