Next time you're debating whether to binge watch one more episode of Game Of Thrones  or go to bed . . . for your health you should just GO TO BED.

...researchers found that people who got just 16 MINUTES less sleep than usual had a tough time focusing and processing information the next day.


I get up between 3:30 and 4am on weekdays, and sometimes at 9 or 10pm I can get interested in a TV show, and not feel especially thing I know it is 11pm. On the other hand if I try to read either a book or my ipad I have a hard time staying awake.

There is an up side to this...

While the effects on a week day can be debilitating, losing the same amount of sleep didn’t impact participants as much on weekends.

So I guess the answer is to rationalize less and sleep more.

(Daily Star)

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