Thinking about a new career? Got a phone interview scheduled before the actual interview? Here are your best tips to land an in person interview.



There are so many jobs out there. It is important that you stand out amongst your competitors. So, here are some tips for your phone interview.

1. Never do it in a noisy background like a Coffee shop or with the kids, t.v, etc...

2. Don't be late. Pick up the phone as soon as they call. None of this five minutes early or five minutes late.

3. Don't multi-task during the interview. If you're surfing Facebook or cooking while on the phone, it will sound like you are distracted. Give them your undivided attention.

4. Don't EVER put them on hold! They should be the first priority.

5. Don't talk over them. Allow them to finish and answer the question. Try to be clear and concise without rambling too much!


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