So, it's Valentine's Day on Friday.  Some folks love it, hate or dangling in the middle.

So, how about treating the person where all your love comes from-YOU?

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This idea is borrowed from a fun website called Project Love.

Instead of making this day of love all about romantic love and focusing your attention on others that you love or lust after, we want you to turn all that love right around and in on yourself, starting with the way that you speak to yourself.


Because learning to speak to yourself like you would your best friend - with love and support - is one of the most powerful things you can do. It is a life changer and key to your happiness and success.

So, how do we do this?

Just imagine what it would be like to spend a day with a voice in your head that was loving and supportive, that was always there for you, that had your back and would remind you that you were loved.


So here are some cues:

First, write a letter to you, from your wise older self.

It is a simple exercise that can be surprisingly powerful.

The idea is that you imagine your wise older 90 year, 100 year or beyond  old self .  You are  sending a message back to the woman you are today.

Afterall your older self has wisdom,

She has the gift of hindsight and knows that everything works out well for you in the end and right now she wants to give you some encouragement, love and support at this point in your life.


Secondly, if you could share your favorite line or idea from the letter on our Breeze 96.1 Facebook page, that might be fun. I'll set the question up.  :-)  Juli

Below is an example of what I would write from my 90-year-old self.  It's just a draft at this point but definitely got me thinking.

Dear Juli,

I hope you've started to finally see that you have worth. That you can trust that your two amazing daughters will find their own path, in their own way.  Remember to take time to keep laughing with friends and the people that cross your life each day.  Life is so beautiful when you are grateful, always keep that spirit alive, and give it back to others.  Love yourself, so you can exude that joy out to the planet!

XO  Your older self


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