Jack White came to Art Park last Friday and demanded a NO CELL PHONE Policy which placed concert goers in a frenzy!



With everyone's noses in their phone it is hard to really enjoy anything anymore. I know concerts have changed drastically from when I was younger because of cell phone use. It is hard to believe that people would want to record the show, check their FB, and post pics on Instagram. By doing this, you are taking away from the concert experience.

We found out yesterday that Jack White demanded a No Cell Phone use at Art Park. He made people place them in a pouch and they were to not be opened until after the performance. He wasn't taking away people's phones, as you could easily put it on vibrate if there was an emergency, but he wanted people to enjoy the concert experience. This came as a shock to some people as they didn't expect it going into the show.

As an artist, I can totally respect this. Dave's belief is, "I paid for the ticket, I should be able to video, take pics, etc.."

We want to know what you think. Would you attend a concert knowing that it was a NO PHONE zone?

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