We are getting ready for a major snow event this weekend across Western New York and the amount of snow expected could turn into one of the worst snowstorms in the history of Buffalo.

Right now looking at several different models, their amount of snow expected is around 2 to 3 feet with parts of Western New York getting up to six feet of snow.

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The amount of snow will all depend on where and how long these lake effect snow bands set up over the area.

Check out the worst snowstorms in Buffalo's history.

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913. This storm got so bad that it turned over ships in four of the five great lakes. Here in Buffalo, the winds hit 60 miles per hour on November 10th with over 6 inches of snow dropped in just one day. The biggest issue was the winds for this storm which was nicknamed "The White Hurricane"

The Blizzard of 1977. This is the most famous snowstorm in the history of Western New York. The Blizzard hit on January 28th and lasted until February 1st. Over 100 inches of snow fell and with the high winds, there were snow drifts as high at 30 feet across the area.

Snovember 2014 - This storm impacted Western New York from November 17th through the 19th. In that time over five feet of snow was dumped on the area. The snow was so bad, the NFL moved the Bills' home game against the Jets to Detroit.

Lake Storm Aphid 2006 - Also known as the October Surprise Storm, this storm hit Western New York on October 12th that year and no one really expected a storm to hit. The snow started early in the morning and in the end, the storm left 24 inches of snow in Lancaster and Alden, while Niagara Falls only got one inch of snow. 

December 10th, 1995 - This storm doesn't have an official name, but it is the storm that currently holds the record for dumping the most snow in Buffalo in a 24-hour period. Over 33 inches of snow fell in just one day.

Fingers cross this snow event won't be as bad as any of the above storms.

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