As we kick off the New Year, it is time to take a look around New York and figure out where you don't want to be in 2023.

The website ranks each city in several different categories. They range from public education, nightlife, housing, diversity, crime and safety, and housing.

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Here are the Top 5 worst places to live in New York for 2023 based on rankings from

#5 - Fisher Island - this small town of only 61 people is located in the Eastern part of Long Island. The town got low grades for housing, nightlife, and diversity.

#4 - Kaser - Located in Rockland County, this village has a population of just over 5600 people. It got low marks for housing, diversity, and public schools.

#3 - Onondaga Nation Reservation - The reservation is located just outside Syracuse. It received low marks for Housing and being good for families.

#2 - New Square - About 8500 people live in this town just outside New York City. It got low marks in housing and being good for families. It did get good marks for nightlife.

And the #1 worst town in New York State to live in is.........

#1 - Fowler - Located in St. Lawerence county, this town of just 107 people got low marks for housing, good for families, and diversity. The town did get good grades for nightlife and public schools.

On the flip side, the best place to live in New York State in 2023 is Great Neck Plaza. Located just outside of New York City, this affluent town of 7000 people got good marks for housing, public schools, and being good for families. Overall Great Neck Plaza was given an A+ rating.

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