Looking back at 2022 it seems that it was not all great news for people living in Western New York.

Several new studies that came out earlier in the year showed that Western New York might not be the most ideal place to live in New York State.

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The website roadsnacks.net came out with a list of the worst towns to live in and on that list was one town here in Western New York.

Making the top 10 was the city of Lockport. Lockport came in at number three on the list and got low marks for safety, housing, and jobs.

Now, Lockport has been around for a long time, it was established as a village in 1829 and was named after the Erie Canal locks that were in the area.

Roadsnacks.net wasn't the only website to give Lockport a low grade. The website Niche.com also gave Lockport an overall grade of B when it came to its rankings and Lockport scored average results when it came to crime and safety and weather.

It seems that safety and crime were big factors in a low grade from both sites.

The crime index for Lockport is 14 which means it is only 14% safer than other US Cities.

According to the website neighborhoodscout.com, there were 631 crimes committed in Lockport in 2022 which equals a crime rate of around 30%. The chances of being a victim of a crime in Lockport is 1 in 174 which is more than the average for New York State, which is 1 in 287.

Hopefully, as we head into 2023, those numbers will improve and Lockport will come off the "Worst Place To Live In New York" list.

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