Buffalo is known as the home of the Chicken Wing, but there are plenty of pizza places around Western New York that serve amazing pizza along with those wings.

But it looks like one place has missed the mark when it comes to showing off the amazing pizza that Western New Yorkers enjoy on a daily basis.

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Check out this picture of a slice of pizza that one person posted on Twitter. They were at a concert at Highmark Stadium when they ordered a slice of pizza from La Nova.

Usually, when you order from La Nova, the slices are big and the cheese is melted perfectly and there is plenty of pepperoni on top. It looks like that wasn't the case for this person when they were at Highmark Stadium.

You would think that the pizza you get at Highmark Stadium would be the same quality that you would get in person at the restaurant or delivery. Apparently not.

So what would you do if you were served this slice? Would you go back and ask for a better slice? We all know that pizza is not supposed to look like that, so it is a big disappointment that it was handed out at the concert.

Fingers cross that Highmark Stadium gets its act together for the upcoming Bills season and makes a slice of pie that is worthy of being sold in Buffalo.

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