A Georgia woman gave birth at Six Flags and both baby and Momma receive free passes for life!



We talked last week about how a woman gave birth at a Chic-Fil-A and received free Chic-fil-a for life and the franchise owner gave the newborn a job opportunity when she is older. Well, a woman in Georgia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at a Six Flags water park. Six flags offered both Momma and her new born FREE passes for life to ANY Six Flags.

This is interesting because Six flags just bought out Darien lake this year. What are the odds of her traveling to Buffalo?

What have we learned from both of these experiences? Clearly, ladies, if you are in your third trimester and about to give birth any day now, hang out at your favorite restaurant and or amusement park. You never know, you and your child could be offered free food, lodging, amusement park tickets and even a job!

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