Today’s TMSG is sent in by Breeze listener Gerald Hartke and tells us of a former WNY’er Philip Kline who attended Pembroke High School and was actively involved in band there.

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Today he is working on movie music specifically on the hit Disney show the Mandalorian.

WKBW-TV reports that Philip enjoyed playing trumpet listen to the John Williams movie scores…halfway thru college he thought, why not just emulate the greats…why not BE the guy who WRITES the music.  Philip had contributed on films like The Joker and his current project is the Sony animated film WISH DRAGON.

He is also working on another project with former WNY’er Buffalo born and classically trained singer Jay Dref, called  Carol Of The Drum, a Christmas project that is hoping to help feed the hungry worldwide.

Jay comments...

Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to food-banks world wide. About this project he says "I wanted to give people hope-I want people to feel good this Christmas and I think they will."

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