A  western New York native is making waves on Jeopardy! Jason Zuffranieri marked his tenth win on Thursday night, bringing his winnings to $233,243.

It wasn’t an easy journey to make it to the show. Zuffranieri says he applied to be a contestant for years before he got the call back this past March.

“I took some online tests and passed those, but the first five times I tried out after the online thing, they would fly you in for an interview and they just said they didn’t want me. They had 400 other people they wanted, and finally, this time around, the sixth time was the charm,” Zuffranieri said. “And they gave me the call in March of 2019.”

Zuffranieri said he comes back to western New York about every other year.

Between his upcoming wedding and a new house, his Jeopardy! winnings are already spoken for.


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