Saint Patrick's day is coming soon and it is a big party day here in Western New York.

This year might be one of the bigger St. Patrick's Day celebrations since this year St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday and most people will have the next day off of work.

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So if you are planning on going out to celebrate with some adult beverages you need to plan ahead and make sure that you get home after your day of celebrating home safely.

This year you can get a safe home from the law offices of William Mattar. Once again this year, the law offices of William Mattar are giving away 1000 Uber gift cards worth $20 that can be used for a safe ride home during St. Patrick's Day weekend.

You can sign up to claim your Uber gift card by clicking on William Mattar's website. (CLICK HERE)

According to the NHTSA, one person in the United State is killed in a drunk-driving accident every 45 minutes, even though it is illegal to drink and drive in every single state.

If you are going to be out and about celebrating St. Patrick's day with alcohol, just know that every person is affected by alcohol differently.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles states that the level of alcohol impairment depends on five conditions:

1. The amount of alcohol you drink

2. The amount of food you eat before or while you drink alcohol

3. The length of time you drink alcohol

4. Your body weight

5. Your gender

This St Patrick's Day, be smart and have a safe way home.

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