Who do you think was the first band to ever play at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center? Darien Lake PAC came about in 1993 after all the concerts were moved from the Lakeside Amplitheater inside the amusement part. The laser light show has since replaced the space in which Lakeside was at.

June 15, 1993, the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band, Poison held the first concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. Here's the set list. Anyone remember this one?

  1. The Scream
  2. Look What the Cat Dragged In
  3. Ride the Wind
  4. Stand
  5. Your Mama Don't Dance(Loggins & Messina cover)
  6. Body Talk
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Something to Believe In
  9. Good Love
  10. I Want Action
  11. Fallen Angel
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  14. Love on the Rocks
  15. Unskinny Bop
  16. Talk Dirty to Me
  17. Nothin' but a Good Time (Encore)

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