Ever since Jim Kelly retired from his post as franchise quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, we have been in search of another stable leader.  Unfortunately 20 years have passed and we still haven't found what we're looking for (thanks U2!).

Buffalo Bills v Washington Redskins
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

We have been toiling in mediocrity ever since and this season looks to be no different. Last nights preseason win over the Detroit Lions didn't make anything more clear as rookie 5th round quarterback Nathan Peterman looked pretty good.  Our current starter, Tyrod Taylor, is in concussion protocol, along with potential backup TJ Yates.


The saying goes that the most popular man in town is the back up quarterback.  Our problem has been that we only have backup quarterbacks.  That's an argument for another day, but today's question is 'Who should be the starting QB for this season'. This question was a lot easier to answer in May then it is now...

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