Do you have a favorite scary movie?  Well get this, it might be your choice because of where you live.

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Which Halloween movie is the most popular in each state?  Yep.  There is research on this. did the comparisons and found some states pick films that are close to their own backyards

  • Texas for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Released in 1974, the film was based on real-life serial killer, Ed Gein, aka the Butcher of Plainfield. Renowned for snatching dead bodies from graveyards so he could turn them into mementos made up of their bones and skin, Gein was also found guilty of murder and was eventually deemed insane.

  • Colorado for The Shining – Although this film is based on Stephen King’s novel, King did experience the haunting effects of the real-life hotel in which the book and film are set. With numerous tales of hauntings, King and his wife stayed the night at the Stanley Hotel in room 217. It was there that King had a nightmare that his son was being chased through the hotel by a possessed fire hose. At the time, King was also battling alcoholism, thus forming the central character of his novel.

So, New York State?  A film called "Suspiria" now out with its 40th anniversary digital restoration.

This one looks scary good.  Had you heard of it? It's available on Amazon Prime.

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