Just 5 days to the 91st Academy Awards.   According to online magazine WalletHub, there are plenty of things we don't know about the Oscars.

So, just for fun, I will put the answers on the right side, so you can cover with our hand.  See if you can guess the answers.

91st Annual Academy Awards - Governors Ball Press Preview
Getty Images

1)  What is the cost of the ceremony?                                         $10 Million

2)  Cost of a 30-second commercial during the show?                $24.7K

3) Cost of the 16,500-square-foot Oscars red carpet?                 $400:

4)  How many times has the Oscars not had a host?                 Only twice.

5) The person, to win the most Oscars?                                  Walt Disney with 64!


Lastly, those of us who have pretended they have won Oscars, and practiced in their bedroom mirrors as a kid, using their hairbrush as a microphone?   In the Billions.  ;-)


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