Chances are if you KNOW you are getting a tax refund this year you have already file your income tax, on the other hand if you will owe, you dont have to file for another 90 days or so.

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A recent survey asked people what they'll do with their tax return, and apparently not many of you are doing something imaginative.

9% will put it toward a vacation . . . 5% will use it toward buying something big, like a car or a house . . . and 4% will buy shoes, a TV, or something else for themselves.


On the less fun side, 27% of people will use their refund to pay off debt and 25% will put it in savings.  30% of people won't be getting a refund.

We thought it timely to give you some other ideas on what to do with your new-found "wealth"...

(PR Newswire)

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