Today we celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, but if you are a person who takes a lot of selfies, doctors say this says something about you!

According to a study conducted at Ohio State University, taking a selfie says a lot of a person.

According to the results, people who post more selfies on social media show more narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. It’s logical to think that some of them spend a lot of time editing their pictures, and that’s where narcissism comes in.


People who hang around a very narcissistic person feel self-conscious next to that person’s exterior beauty


Those who spend time with an excessively narcissistic person feel second-rate, like they aren’t important or interesting.


This creates a tense climate where you always have to be ready for the next selfie. You don’t know when it’s going to happen, but you know that it will, and soon.


This narcissism creates a sense of competition between the members of the group, which doesn’t exactly facilitate intimacy or confidence.

Also, the study shows people who take excessive amounts of selfies tend to have lower quality relationships.

Overall the study stated that there is nothing wrong with taking Selfies, just make sure not to take too many!

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