Almost all of Western New York has undergone some serious growth and revitalization, and we continue to make great strides in improvement and see new businesses.

As a matter of fact, Tonawanda just made the top 20 list of best city to start a small business.  This is great news, especially because I pass by an abandoned property every day on my way to work, and always kind of "pie in the sky" think about what could/should go there.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

This is the site of the old Sears Hardware store.  It shut it's doors early summer of 2014, and nothing's moved in to take it's place.  I pass this plaza every day (it's got a Mighty Taco, Butler's Wine and Spirits, and an Aldi, but that's about it for the Sheridan-facing side.)

It's a pretty large space, there seems to be ample parking, and while I don't know the condition of the inside, it seems to be in pretty good shape.  I've thought it would be a cool location for a 40-something's club/bar/restaurant (a place where you can grab a drink, get some light nosh, and hear some good music without the whole "bump 'n' grind" atmosphere you might find at younger-aimed clubs).  Maybe even put a roof-top bar on it to enjoy the wide open sky?

What do YOU think would do well at this abandoned location?

  • Jon from Colden thinks it's a great place for indoor mini golf. Great idea!
  • Sheila from Clarence Center thinks a dog-training facility would fit nicely there.

Do you see abandoned buildings every day, and have an idea of what you'd like to see there?

  • Teri from Lancaster said she'd love a Chick-fil-A in ANY abandoned building!
  • Abbey from Williamsville said she passes an empty Burger King on Sheridan and Mill...she'd like to see a 24 hour diner there.


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