Any idea of what kind of money you might be able to make it you collected all your unused stuff and sold it?

Would you believe the average person has 42 unused items in their home that, if sold would garner $723.

Before you start mumbling "oh sure" consider some of these unused items:

  • Books
  • Home decorations
  • Old Electronics
  • Shoes

Sound familiar.  Maybe the reasons you don't sell these items will ring true:

According to Mercari65 percent of Americans suffer from "low sell-esteem" -- while our homes grow more cluttered, two-thirds of respondents expressed the belief that selling is too hard, takes too much time or is a hassle.

Other reasons include...the notions that no one wants to buy our stuff, or the popular one, we don't like meeting up with strangers.

Gather the unused items around your home and consider a selling app like Mercari, or Craigslist, Ebay...there are lots of choices...make some space and money at the same time.   (PR Newswire)


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