I joined the Mix Morning Show with Dave and Melody just a couple of months ago, but I was born and raised right here in West Seneca. So you don't remember me (Dave Fields) from school or sports? There is a good reason why!

I actually changed his last name legally 13 years ago. When I got married to my wonderful wife Elizabeth back in 2002 she kept her maiden name. We were known as Kurowski and Zack. But when we found out we were pregnant we didn't want to our son Avry to have a different last name then one of his parents.

Elizabeth didn't want to take Kurowski as her last name, and I didn't want to take Zack so we decided to create a new last name for our family!

So, how did Fields come about? Well back in college, I have several really close friends that I use to go out with all the time. We have a bar game where we all created different names and if one of us met a lady and introduced our friends by their real name we owed them a drink! (It was a really dumb game! hahaha)

Well, my old "drinking" name was Flint Fields! So when I mentioned Fields to my wife Elizabeth she thought that would be a perfect last name for our family!

So, in 2005 right before our son Avry was born, both Elizabeth and I legally changed our last name to Fields.

By the way....I tried my best to let Elizabeth let me name our son Flint but she wouldn't let me. So that is his middle name! hahaha

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