If you are a regular Metro rider, you may soon see changes coming to your daily commute. The NFTA is launching a new study to see if any bus stops can be eliminated for efficiency.

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According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV), the study, known as “bus stop balancing”, will determine whether they can do away with stops used less frequently.

They’re looking to make sure all stops are properly spaced out, to increase efficiency.

According to the Transit Center website:

America’s bus stops are too close together. In many cities, it’s not uncommon to see bus stops every other block — or even closer. Given that buses spend 20% of their time at stops, reducing the overall number of stops can dramatically speed trips for riders. But bus stop balancing isn’t without friction. Transit riders often feel ownership over their bus stops. Asking people to walk farther to something that used to be at their doorstep can be a tough sell. To minimize and overcome pushback, transit agencies across the country have found success by approaching bus stop balancing with a comprehensive campaign strategy.

The NFTA says...

“We want as much input from our riders as possible,” said Helen Tederous, director of public affairs for NFTA, said. “We are going to be analyzing, we are going to be talking to people, we are going to be getting significant input. We understand it’s personal. Bus stops are personal and that’s why we are taking this very seriously.”

“Bus stop balancing” has already been done with the Metro, according to the NFTA resulting in a significant change in commute times.

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