At one time or another we have all been critical of individuals and their seemingly "classless" actions...But do you behave the same way the rest of us do when no one else is around?

Think about it and be honest...

1.  Do you ever talk to yourself when you're alone?  8 out of 10 said yes.

2.  Do you use the bathroom with the door open?  7 out of 10 said yeah, why not.

3.  When you're alone and angry, do you ever practice arguing?  almost three-quarters of us said yes.  And 76% of us also have full-blown conversations with our pets.

4.  Do you ever make yourself CRY while you're alone because it just feels like you need to? Half of us have done it

5.  Do you ever drink straight out of a milk carton if no one's looking?  53% of us have.

(YouGov / BuzzFeed)


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