If you are anything like me, it is really hard to shop for Dad. Don't worry, I have the top ten list of what Dad REALLY wants!




Your Dad DOES NOT want a tie! Unless it is home made of course! Anything home made is the best!!!! That is the ultimate gift!

1. A nice dinner out.

2. A nice bottle of booze. (It doesn't have to be fancy) Buying his favorite adult beverage is the best.

3. A watch. With the new fitness watches i.e. Fitbit's & Garmin's, there are so many things to get Dad.

4. This is a little steep, but he wants to go on vacation. Maybe put a baby gate around the couch and have Dad put on Netflix and DO NOT DISTURB for a few hours. (LOL) That could be an equivalent of a vacation.

5. Clothing. Buy Dad his favorite Metallica shirt, or make a t shirt with a picture of all the grand kids, or you on it.

6. A smart speaker. Those are super cool!

7. A steak dinner at home. Nothing like a hot, juicy, steak!

8. Tickets to a game. Take Dad to his favorite sports game!

9. A power tool! You can never have enough tools!

10. Slippers. Nothing like a fresh pair of slippers!

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