Buffalo is known for its snow.  Ask anyone who isn't from here what they think about when they hear "Buffalo."  They'll probably tell you wings, The Bills...and Snow.

But who gets the most in New York State?

There is an "award" that is given out every year to the city in New York that gets the most snow.  It's called the "Golden Snowball Award."  Essentially it's a competition between 5 of the big cities in New York (Buffalo, Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany.  Rochester was the winner last year) but there are other cities and towns that receive more than they do.

According to a website called HomeSnacks.com, the city that gets the most snow in New York State is Oswego.  They brought in 136.6 inches of snow last year.  How much did Buffalo get?  88.6 inches!  That's it.  Comparatively, that's nothing.

So how does the rest of Western New York fare in this list?  There's only one town in the top 10.  Fredonia came in at #4 on the list with an average of 118.3 inches of snow in 2021.

Here are the rest of the top 10:

RankCitySnow (Inches)Population
2Fort Drum130.513,985
9North Syracuse108.36,641

What other WNY towns made the list?

West Seneca (105.2"), Lackawanna (105.2"), and Jamestown (104.3") all cracked the top 20.  Where a lot of the towns sat were between 21 and 28 on the list with Eggertsville, Kenmore, Depew, Tonawanda, East Aurora, Harris Hill, Williamsville, and Salamanca respectively.

So where the heck is Buffalo in all of this?  They don't even crack the top 30!

They're close though.  Buffalo was 31st on the list at 88.6 inches of snow.

Want to see the whole list?  Click here to see where your town came in!

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