It takes just moments of meeting you, for people to decide everything about you, whether those things are true or not.

Career experts say it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you.

You do have some control over how others see you.

For example, wearing tailored clothes and looking your conversation partner in the eye will generally create a more positive impression.

Here are some assumptions people make about you based on first impressions.

People may decide on your trustworthiness in as little as a tenth of a second.

One study found that people wearing name-brand clothes – Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger, to be precise – were seen as higher status and wealthier than folks wearing non-designer clothes when they approached shoppers in a mall.

A 2007 study led by Nora A. Murphy, a professor at Loyola Marymount University, found that looking your conversation partner in the eye might help encourage people to see you as more intelligent.

Undergrads at a small University in Pennsylvania looked at photos of men, some with shaved heads and others with full heads of hair. The students rated men with shaved heads as more dominant.

 Participants tended to rate bald men – those who’d had their hair either digitally removed or those with shaved heads – as more dominant.

Also interestingly enough studying men in tailored vs. off-the-rack suits tended to rate the guys in tailored suits as more successful.

“On the evidence of this study it appears men may be advised to purchase clothing that is well‐tailored, as it can positively enhance the image they communicate to others,” the authors wrote.

(Smart Living Tips)

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