You may have noticed that one television news reporter has been missing from the screen over the last few weeks. 

Well, she’s back, and with good reason for her absence: Lauren Hall got married!

Lauren Hall married Matt Connors last week, and she spent the following days celebrating their marriage with a short honeymoon in Puerto Rico. 

Matt shared a sweet picture of his wife while on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico, but they also posted some of their wedding pictures too.

And Lauren’s dress is absolutely beautiful. 

Lauren Hall is back this morning with WGRZ. 

“Back to work this morning after taking time to celebrate our wedding and honeymoon with my husband Matt.

We're so happy to start our new life together and thankful to everyone who helped make our day so special.”

He even had cufflinks with an L on it. <3 

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Lauren and Matt Connors!

Did you know?
The most popular months to get married are from May to October, with the most weddings happening in the month of September. According to The Oasis, about 16 percent of weddings happen in September.

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