April 1 was the first full day for lifted travel restrictions for domestic travelers in New York State. After a year of quarantine, weary Western New Yorkers were more than ready to venture out.

According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) officials at the AAA of Western and Central New York reported an uptick in travelers, because of the change in travel restrictions.

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“The minute they announced that the restrictions will change, people started calling saying where can I go for Easter break, because the timing was perfect,” said Elizabeth Carey, AAA Western and Central New York, Director of Public Relations & Corporate Communications.

Again the change only applies to Domestic travelers, International travelers are still required to quarantine and test based on their destination. To help with this, a testing site is set up next to the baggage claim.


“It’s getting busier and busier and busier, because more people are traveling,” said Lisa Pleasants LPN WNY Rapid Testing. “The PCR is the test that’s required for international travelers and every country has their own requirement. Some say within three days, some like Canada, say within 72 hours of entry and some say 96 hours. So it depends on that country, people just need to check with their ticketing agent.”

For more information on NYS travel, click here.

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