If you watch Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you would have caught a glimpse of a Western New York native rocking out during the musical guest segment.

Saturday Night Live was live this past Saturday after being on a two-week hiatus and it featured Keke Palmer as the host and musical guest SZA.

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Part of SZA's band includes a musician from Western New York.

It seems that music runs in the family as Jeff is the music critic for the Buffalo News.

This is not the first time that Western New York has been part of Saturday Night Live. Earlier this season, the cast played the roles of New York Jet fans who were being really rude to fans of the Buffalo Bills.

Of course, there was this skit where the show decided to take a shot at the appearance of women in Western New York. During the skit, When introducing the contestant, The Host says the contestant is a "New York 6 and a Buffalo 10" saying that women in New York City are better looking than those from Buffalo.

It was good to see someone from Western New York doing some good things on Saturday Night Live. You can check out the performances here.

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