As soon as the weather starts to turn cold again, people begin the guessing game of "When will we see the first snow of the year?"  It looks like it could be sooner than later.

Let's get right to it.  WKBW is saying that we could see snow as early as this weekend.

Yup...on the anniversary of the October Storm that passed through Western New York 14 years ago we get the news that we could see snow as soon as this Friday.

Now...before you get your snow shovels ready and plan a trip to Chestnut Ridge for some sledding, it shouldn't be that big.  We are talking about traces of snow and it should happen mostly along the higher elevations in the southern tier.  And it's still early.  This could easily change.  That is what they say about Buffalo isn't it?  If you don't like the weather, just wait a will change.

The weather models seem to show a cold front moving in late Thursday and early Friday and could bring along with it a chance for lake effect rain and snow showers.  The question right now is how cold it will actually get this weekend.  As the week goes on, they should have a clearer picture of what the weekend will look like.  But at least for now, it's looking like we might see a little in the southern tier.

According to the National Weather Service, on average, the first flake of snow will fall on October 24th. So this would be a little earlier than average, but not the earliest it's ever fallen.


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