It is not often that you can all get together as a group and agree 100% on something. But if you would ask anyone who shops at Wegmans, they will all say that they hate it when you do this while shopping at Wegmans.

One of the biggest impacts on grocery shopping since COVID-19 has been the ability to get a curbside pickup for Market Cafe items from Wegmans.

You could order from the Wegmans cafe and they would bring out the food to your car so that you wouldn't have to enter the store and contact was reduced to a minimum to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

It is very easy to do as well. When you order and select curbside pickup, you head to the store and pull into a reserved curbside pickup spot in the parking lot and text a certain number and they bring out your food.

It is easy and simple unless of course you get a person who doesn't think about anyone but themselves and they park in the curbside pickup spot and treat it like a normal spot.

I understand why some people might do this. Almost all of the curbside pickup spots are located right near the doors of the Wegmans cafe, so if you don't want to walk they are very enticing to park in. But you are not supposed to use it as a regular spot. It is only for people who ordered curbside pickup.

I have seen this happen on many occasions where there is a car with no one inside of it sitting in the curbside pick-up space. It happened again on Thursday afternoon. I pulled in to pick up our pizza and boom there is a car parked in the curbside pickup space with no one in it.


I waited about 5 minutes for my food and the person never came back to their car. If that was you, just know if you do this, people don't like you. Why do you think you are more important than everyone else and get to park wherever you want? The answer don't. Don't be that guy (or gal).

Sure it may take a whole extra minute to walk from a regular parking space, but at least you will be a good person!

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