The weather has been absolutely terrible in WNY. So much so, that they had to postpone Bisons Baseball.


Luckily, the Bisons got in two games so far this season, but who knew it would snow in WNY in April? Not just snow but let's throw in high winds and an ice storm to boot. The Bisons had to postpone their game against Indianapolis on Sunday. The Bisons are already a week into the schedule and there is a good possibility that games will be lost due to the schedule.

It's even more of a  problem when looking at the way  the International League decided to schedule April. Indianapolis, which plays in the West Division, only visits Buffalo, in the North Division, once this season. An odd decision by schedulers since now the teams are faced with trying to make up two games when Buffalo travels to Indianapolis for a three-game series in July.

Only in WNY can this happen! I have to be honest, I am so sick of this weather. It is mid April and we should be well into 50's by now. Hang in there WNY!

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