Before you get married you get a LOT of advice about the wedding. You'll ignore most of it, because that's just human nature . . . so maybe this can be your guide of what you should actually listen to.

1.  Relax and enjoy the day, 43%.

2.  Take more pictures, 35%.

3.  Stick to your budget, 30%.

4.  Pay more attention to the little details, 26%.

5.  Plan for the unexpected, 24%.

Leslie Albertson, Director of Marketing at Mixbook said, “With all the details that go into wedding planning, there can be a lot of pressure to have your big day go off without a hitch. Don't forget to take a breath and remember to appreciate the little moments - getting ready with friends and family, a final pre-wedding embrace with your mom or dad, your guests arriving, and last minute instructions to the flower girl and ring bearer (and your sister-in-law's promise "they'll do great"). Give yourself peace of mind by having a photographer on hand to capture each unique moment in time, especially the ones you might otherwise miss. You’ll be able to relive your special day for years to come through photos.”

I make it a point when people discuss weddings to listen, more than talk said the divorced morning guy.

(SWNS Digital)

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