Today could be one of the busiest days for weather issues across New York.

As many people get ready to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, today could provide a very difficult start for those travel plans.

A massive cold front is set to sweep across New York and with that weather, chance will be some potentially hazardous weather.


The National Weather Service in Buffalo has already issued weather warnings and advisories for Western and parts of Northern New York for today.

A high wind warning is in place for much of the Western and Northern part of New York. We could see wind gusts of over 55 miles per hour, which could have a direct impact on air and ground travel.

On top of that, ice accumulation is expected in the Northern part of New York which has led to a Winter Weather Advisory being issued for that part of the state.


Elsewhere around the state, rain and a winter mix will be in play for today through tomorrow. The temperatures will also drop into the teens, and a freeze warning has been issued for parts of downstate New York.

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