The weather has been crazy over the last 48 hours and that has caused an abnormal amount of water spouts on lakes across New York State.

We are still dealing with Lake Effect rain today and parts of the state are under a flood watch but the swirling of the weather system here in New York has caused numerous water spouts on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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According to Mike Chejka from WIVB, there were 46 confirmed waterspout sightings along the two lakes since Sunday afternoon. 46!!

  So what is a water spout? According to the National Weather Service, a water spout is basically a tornado that forms over the water or moves from land to a body of water. The good news is that water spouts tend to do less damage than tornados because there are fewer things for water spouts to run into on the water than tornados have on land. Check out these two waterspouts that were caught on camera on Lake Erie near Buffalo.  

Even though waterspouts are on water they can still be dangerous and if you are on a boat or other watercraft, you are advised to get far away from waterspouts.

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