The February heat wave that we are experiencing right now is amazing on it's own.  What could make it even better you say?  How about lifting the winter parking restrictions!


Friday's temperature is supposed to hit 68 degrees, which is insane on it's own, so since there is no threat of snow or plows there is no reason to have the restrictions in place.  This is the kind of Buffalo winter we have all been longing for!  Pretty soon people will be snow birds in Buffalo.  Florida is overrated anyway.

Parking Ticket
Allan Pospisil

Unfortunately these temperatures won't last which means the parking rules will not either. This weekend the temperatures are supposed to drop again and snow may be on the way.  When that happens the rules may be back in effect so use your best judgment.  The lifted rules are until further notice.


Whether you can take advantage of the parking reprieve or not, you can enjoy the February weather this week.  Get out and enjoy it.  It may be a lot of winters before we have this kind of weather again!

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