Getting your kids to eat broccoli can be quite an ordeal.  When my girls were little, we played a game called 'broccoli thief'.  I would tell them "they better NOT eat my broccoli"  Then of course when I looked away they snuck some, and then I acted really shocked.


The things we do as parents to get our kids to eat get fresh fruit and veggies.

Well luckily here in Buffalo we have the Mobile Market or Veggie Van.

It's a start-up research project rooted (total pun intended) through the work of  Dr. Lucia Leone at UB.

Reports channel 7

She helped create the Mobile Market or Veggie Vans that brings fresh produce to food  a range of buffalo  communities. She started her research in North Carolina and has expanded it to her home town in Buffalo.

Say Dr. Leone,

"We are really trying to develop community based interventions that increase access to healthy food and also improve opportunities for people to be more physically active,"

Now, this is Yummy news!

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