We were talking about wedding stuff in the studio the other day and how crazy weddings can be. Rob mentioned that one of his friends was getting married on the 4th of July and how weird it was to get married on a holiday.

Well, after doing some research (Definitely not stalking) I found out that Vanessa Williams was also married on a holiday.....THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!

That's right, she married Buffalo native Jim Skrip were married at St. Stanislaus Church on Saturday, July 4th, 2005!

So the point is that the wedding is the day for the Bride and Groom. If they want to get married on a Holiday...let them! If they want to get married on a Tuesday at 10:45 am in the woods....let them!

Let us not forget, as guests of weddings we are there to share in the love of the newly married couple, not to make it easy for us to attend the wedding.


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