I'm pretty sure in all of the bonkers things I've seen Urban Outfitters sell, that this new "micro-tank" takes the crown of all things insane.

The retailer reportedly sells the micro-tank for $16, according to Teen Vogue. I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of this shirt, as the link to the item on their website has now been removed.

It seems Urban Outfitters is early with their April Fools joke, maybe?

If you still feel the need to spend money on bizarre stuff, let me direct you to Urban Outfitters' 3-pack of blank cassette tapes (for the bargain price of $10.95). Or if you're feeling fancy, check out this $179 laundry hamper.

And if you're really sad about the micro-tank no longer being available, you can still get your hands on this cropped sweatshirt for just $29. I mean it is still winter in Buffalo, after all.

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